Reasons Why You Should Dress Your Dog 

Some people think it is cruel to dress up dogs and find it ridiculous so we are going to discuss here, is it necessary to dress dogs? 

A dose of common sense is necessary when it comes to dressing up a dog as with most things in life, below though are the advantages of clothing your dog.  More on Pet Collars
Clothing protects your dog from the cold. A coat or warm sweater provides protection against elements for dogs with little body fat and dogs with hair, ill, elderly and small dogs. These dogs have trouble creating or retaining enough body warmth. A dog is not well protected against cold when it has minimal body fat and a single coat of hair. It's a rule of thumb for some that if you wear a coat, the dogs should have one too. Without a coat, a dog shivers and is able to interact with the world around it comfortably. Walking a dog is a responsibility that comes hand in hand with dog ownership.  Rain does not stop simply because you are going to walk a dog; hence, a raincoat is essential for both the dog and its owner. Walking will be difficult for your dog on these days if they don't have a raincoat.
Clothing enhances cleanliness. Both dogs and humans benefit from wearing clothes in terms of keeping their environment and them clean. Your dogs’ hair is a magnet to attract all its surroundings and things low to the ground.  Having a jacket makes your dog less likely to attract ground objects and protects your dog when it decides to roll on something disgusting. The brunt gets on your dog's clothing. View Dog tags

It gives your dogs a better Vision. Your dog is always safe with good visibility during off-leash hikes and night-time walks. Some dogs are tan coloured and blend in with dry grass, dirt and sand hence clothing your fur baby with colourful clothes when he is off-leash is key to you keeping track of them.

It keeps a dog healthy. Dogs with allergies are protected by clothes from scratching, chewing and licking providing a barrier between them and allergens. Clothing your dog also ensures that it is not affected by incision and sunburn. 

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